Singer - Author Jade Steel has been entertaining audiences world wide with his music and stories of inter dimensional travel. He also just so happens to posses a very unique stone.A stone with a single green spot that was built into a device called "The Rondo" by an ancient Alien like being called the Great Mondo Kush. As a successful performer and story teller. He first came to prominence with the punk band "Corrupted Youth" and went on to become lead singer for the metal band "Cold Steel".

Soon after he launched his first solo album self titled "Jade Steel" he began exploring other genres of music such as pop, rock and even reggae. Also being an avid comic book collector and multi talented lyricist, Jade became even more inspired by writers and illustrators of many novels like "Rip off Press" featuring Gilbert Shelton and Jack Jackson, as well as superhero and villain creators like Jack Kirby and Stan Lee (Marvel and DC) as well as many, many more.
When he finally wrote his story titled "Tales of the Rondo" about a device that allows the user to travel through time and space, things began to change very quickly.
With a strong sound track produced and arranged by long time friend and collaborator Andre Jonson.

"Tales of the Rondo" contains many wild characters from various galaxies. Characters such as "The Mondo Kush" and his beloved Queen Sheba of Attakore, Ouids, Ceids, Tweakers and Tokens, Ms Amerika, Captain Blood, Ratz, and and many more heroes and villains that make up an entertaining and fun filled experience.

The live show brings together the theatrics of the story using multi media, strong music videos and powerful band. These days Jade has been working on his latest project, new music videos and the first edition of the Tales of the Rondo story book.
He also continues to perform and tour whenever possible.