Tales of the Rondo- Press release

Posted on: 22/06/2016

Being an avid comic book collector since childhood and multi talented lyricist Jade was inspired by Marvel and DC illustrators.

He created many stories through his songs, finally he wrote his album titled: "Tales of the Rondo" which tells of a device called the Rondo. A device that allows who ever holds "The Rondo stone also becomes the user. With a click of a button the user activates the device. It flashes red and Green and opens a doorway in the shape of an Emerald Triangle allowing the user (Jade Steel) to be able to travel through time and space.

Jade Steel holds the stone. 

With this multi faceted story and it's strong hard rock sound track. An adventure is produced and arranged by long time friend and collaborator Andre Jonson.

"Tales of the Rondo" is launched with an interesting host of entertaining characters from different planets through out the galaxy, such as "The Great Mondo Kush, Ms Amerika, Ouids, Ratz, Captain Blood, The Queen of Attakore  and "Dread Steel". Many other amazing characters also help to make up a fun filled experience. The live shows brings together the theatrics of the story, using elements of multimedia, body painting, dancing girls, strong music and a powerful band.

These days, Jade has been working on his next project album #5, new music videos, an illustrated comic and the first edition of the Tales of the Rondo story book trilogy.