Jade finds himself back in time. On stage with the band as they finish they’re set. 

It’s the video shoot of a song called, “Party People.” Everyones faces are painted to look like aliens. Jade is startled to see the crowd dressed as Tweakers, Ouids, Tokens, Ms Amerika, Rezzin, Captain Blood and a huge array of familiar aliens. 

Noticing a clock on the wall, only two hours have passed. He thinks, “A dream?” but the weight of the Rondo reassures him it’s not.

 Later that night he slips away from the party and it’s people. 

The moon is full, the sea and sky is calm. A gentle breeze blows against his face.

He hears the Ocean and slowly walks to it. 

Within his hand he clutches the Rondo. He takes one last look at it and feels the weight.

For the first time he looks into the object, like an Opal it glows with an array of colors and infinite wisdom. The Rondo gives off a vibration as if in approval of his decision.

Standing there he looks to the stars and wonders if they look at him.

 He hold the Rondo tightly and hurls it into the sea. 

For a moment it glows green. The water bubbles as it hits. Then slowly, it sinks, and the Green glow fades from his sight. 

Returning to the party two exotic women approach him. One has dark complexion and one has fiery Red hair and Green eyes. They both look strangely familiar. One of them says, “That’s a beautiful ring, where on Earth did you get it?” Mischievously Jade smiles as they take him by his arms and lead him away. 


Back in the Market, an old man buys a curious box marked P.D. 

Without a thought he breaks the lock. Clouds form and a storm comes. 

Temperatures rise, lightning flashes, the ocean swells and recedes. The skies blacken and people start to scream. Oceans grow menacing and the waters reveal an object in the sand. 

A familiar object with a strange green glow is washed up onto the shore.

A device containing a stone with a single green spot. 

Lightning flashes over a hundred times and The Great Mondo Kush suddenly appears. He walks through the destruction to the stone and picks it up. 

With a wise old man’s smile, he then looks to the sky and speaks in a soft tone.

As The great Mondo Kush speaks, the storm stops.

The wind calms, clouds move to reveal the moon and stars.

Everything returns to normal. There is a flash of red and green a portal opens and he is gone.