This device is so powerful it was used to open a dimensional doorway. Closing the gaps of time and space making the infinite journey between the stars no more than a flash of Red and Green followed by an electrical charge. 

This device Mondo thought he could use often to visit his beloved Queen Sheba of Attakore.

As he works, a fragment of the stone falls into a crack in the floor. 

It goes unnoticed except to the miniatures (Ceids*) Pronounced as “seeds. 

“The Ceids” are another alien race who work for Mondo Kush as Scientists and explorers. Crafty in they’re ingenuity and “small” in size. (about  12x 32 inches) 

One of the Ceids had become more interested in escaping the work force on Mondo’s planet and seizes the opportunity to leave by stealing the small shard of Rondo Stone. 

They find it has power enough to move a ship and a handful of Ceids escape the planet and the multiple watchful eyes of The Great Mondo Kush.

Eventually they run low on power near a planet called “Earth.” 

The Ceids realize they need more fuel, so using they’re superior intellect and craftsmanship, they design build a “Ring” from the shard of The Rondo Stone. 

Little do they know that the ring and the Rondo would be connected, but that’s later in our story. 

One of the miniature Ceids disguises himself and goes in search of fuel.

 Eventually he find the minerals they need from a vendor within a strange marketplace. The Ceid meets the (Magician) who’s day job is a vendor. He trades the ring for the minerals they seek and resumes departure of Earth. They assume the power is finished from the ring fashioned from the shard of Rondo stone but, it is not.