As the show finishes, the finale ends with a green floodlight that lifts Jade high from the stage like a floating magic trick. He rises as if attached by strings to the top of the ceiling, then disappears.  

The crowd assumes it’s part of the show but the band knows it’s not. Knowing Jade, they’re really not sure. They are used to being surprised so they shrug it off as part of the show. Later they realize Jade is gone.

Moment’s later Jade finds himself in deep space, restrained upon the Alien ship of Erkle the High Ouid. (weed***) 

 As he is being questioned about his music CD, a large needle draws blood from Jade’s neck and extracts his blood (DNA). 

Erkle the High Ouid tells him he is being cloned for the Games of Death on his Red planet Rizza.

 “Foolish human scum, you’ve been chosen.