Now, we must go back in time:  

As the Great Mondo Kush uses the Rondo to visit his Queen Sheba he is made aware of her desire to steal the Rondo and give it to Erkle the High Ouid.

Mondo is hurt. Not jealous but genuinely hurt. He has a good heart and tries to see the best in people. He had hoped to make Queen Sheba his Queen. He thought that by showing her he was willing to travel to great distances she would love him for who he was. In truth she was a bit of a gold-digger and thought him a foolish older man. She had known Erkle the High Ouid as a bit of a player but in the end sometimes the darker ones are more attractive.  Erkle had promised Queen Sheba her very own planet combined with a kingdom. 

As they plot, the Queen Sheba does not know Erkle will also betray her. He tells her they are working together, she is to poison Mondo. Betrayal.  

Little do they know he is a clever god, and will be reborn even more powerful.

As he reaches her world he looks at his lovely Queen. He knows she has poisoned his wine, he raises his glass and drinks the poison in a deceptive move that fools them both. He smiles at her and says, “Do not mistake kindness for weakness.”  

His love has been spurned, so he turns the tables on her to a life of guilt and shame.

As he slumps to the table dead, she turns cold with fear and shame. It’s too late.

With Mondo Kush out of the way Erkle takes the Rondo and the Queen to the planet of Attakore, her new home, where she rules in bitterness and tyranny. Her heart now scarred by her betrayal of Mondo Kush. With Erkle in possession of the Rondo a war between The Ouids, Tokens and other alien races escalates in the fight for ultimate power. The Tokens and others take pursuit of Erkle the High Ouid. (“Weed”)