Meanwhile Jade Steel, unaware of these politics finds himself captive thanks to the Ring that has drawn Erkle to him. As he studies the ship a wall explodes. The Tokens have arrived, within the ship, a battle begins. As the Ouids and Tokens fight, the catlike creature Rezzin seizes the opportunity of escape. Rezzin snatches the Rondo from Erkles neck and jumps to Jade Steel. 

Rezzin pushes a few buttons, a stargate opens and Jade and Rezzin jump through the Emerald Triangle through gates of time, in a flash of red and green they vanish.

As Rezzin clings to Jade’s shoulder, he shows him that the Rondo has presets and buttons to change they’re course. He explains him the power of the Rondo has to travel through time and space. As Rezzin explains this ultimate power he gloats and sneers. Aware of the ultimate power. he warns Jade he will now be hunted, for as long as he wields the ring and the stone he is in constant danger.

Meanwhile on Earth a few band-members come looking for Jade. They visit the professor who reveals his ship “The Pollinator.” 

The Professor has also noticed that his instruments have detected a change in the cosmic radiation of Earth. 

A faint trail from the Rondo appears on a screen.  He pinpoints the energy source and programs the ship to find it. The Professor volunteers to help track Jade down. He then contacts his wild pygmy scientist friends deep within the Amazon to help him. 

They in turn enlist the help of a very strange champion.