Rondo news - about the sound and people

Posted on: 22/06/2016

These songs are true to form entertaining hard pop rock. The kind of sound and imagery that makes you want to sing along with each song. Each song lets you know there's a unique story within.

Since childhood Jade Steel has been a avid Comic book collector and with the help of illustrators like Marc Nordstrom and Ariel Sheperd his  is transformed into a comic book character.

Now his character has many run ins with villians, heroes and a billion pissed off aliens. 

From the mind of Jade Steel  comes "Tales of the Rondo" a story of a stone with a single Green spot taken by Great Mondo Kush who builds a device called the "Rondo".

A device so powerful it can enable whoever controls it to travel back and forth, across and through space and time.

Within this story of Heroes, villains, babes and a billion pissed off aliens lies humor and fantasy to entertain from old to young alike for generations to come.

The Players on the latest album are 

Abou Dirrassouba - Drums -percussion

Ryan Kihn - Guitars

Steve Ungerbuehler - Bass

Jade Steel  - lyrics. melodies & vocals

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