Every production is its own monster, and defines a unique set of parameters. To this day, I’ve never been involved in a recording project where so much care and attention to detail has been applied.

– Scott McChane (Engineer, Sharkbite Recording Studios)

I love being a writer, I truly do. One of the really hip things about it is that I get to meet A lot of cool, creative people and get to experience their creativity up close and personal. One of the best, and worst, things about meeting these people is that when they discover that I am a writer, I am very often given something to listen to, read or watch. Generally, the material I am given is fairly entertaining but nothing really remarkable. Occasionally, I am required to sit through such an enormous piece of crap that I don’t tell anyone I’m a writer for weeks in fear of having a repeat experience. Every now and then, on very rare occasions, I am given something I really like, something truly unique and creative. On occasions even more rare, I have been privileged enough to have placed in my hand a real work of "art", something truly brilliant, something so remarkable that it left a profound impression on me. This has happened three times over the course of my career.

Make that four. To say that this is a great album would be not only simplistic, but a terrible disservice to both Jade Steel and my readers. This album is truly the work of an inspired genius, not only in execution but in concept as well. Humbolt’s Jade Steel has followed up his above average debut effort.

With an album that, if there is any justice in this world (or the music biz), should come to be recognized as one of the twenty or thirty finest rock albums of all time.

The songs I hear are expertly crafted glimpses into the souls and minds of Jade, Andre, and Bay Area’s best drummer, Jeremy Hoenig, who beats the skins with his trademark controlled ferocity.

With the exception of J.S.P.E.T., every song is a mini-essay reflecting the artists’ stands and views on social issues from the plight of the rain-forests to racism and intolerance to illegal surveillance, political corruption, the stupidity and futility of war and a plethora of other timely issues.

The reason this album is different is that to Jade these aren’t "political" issues, but personal ones and they are delivered in that manner Jade does here, you can disagree with the message and still love the song because they are all such great songs regardless of the "message".

Entertain me and challenge me at the same time.
I love it.

- John Simmons

'Code Red' navigates a tremendous tension - you can hear it through every measure of the song; Jade Steel has endowed their creation with an incredible pathos.

- AK review

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