Tales of the Rondo

Somewhere light years beyond the Red Moons in Quadrant 7 on a small deserted planet, an ancient text like formula is copied from the walls of a dusty deserted tomb and is deciphered by a short shadowy figure with small Blue hands. Learning of a strange and unique stone, a stone with a single green spot an alien figure gently takes the stone and wraps it up. He boards his ship and leaves the presumably dead planet. Searching for one who would not abuse this intergalactic tool. He travels to the far ends of the universe where the stone is brought before a council of ancient millennial beings. A decision is made to entrust it to an alien like god known as the Great Mondo Kush, one of the rulers of the multiverse. Mondo takes the stone to his workshop, turning the handles of his tools and machines he creates his latest invention. A source of seemingly unlimited power.  A device containing the stone he names the "all powerful Rondo".  Mondo Kush then touches the buttons on the Rondo, as it turns and glows a dimensional doorway  opens in the shape of an Emerald Triangle. He steps through and in a flash of Red and Green he disappears.

Join Jade Steel & The Emerald Triangle in his journey to other worlds with songs of Heroes and Villains in this Epic mind bending saga and adventure about the intergalactic fight over a stone with a single green spot.

Jade Steel presents The Emerald Triangle with Tales of the Rondo.

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