On Earth, a singer of a rock band named Jade Steel browses the strange market place.

 In comes across the Magician merchant, Jade is entranced by the ring. It’s green stone glows in his eyes and he decides he must have it. The merchant (Magician) shouts out to him. “Would you like to see a trick my good man? On a paper write a card down and put it in your pocket without showing me. Then, pick a card, any card” says the Magician. “if you choose the correct one you have written down, you may also choose any ring from my table. Jade does, and picks a Joker from the deck. It is the same he wrote down. The merchant replies, A lucky card for you indeed, this also means a great change is coming your way. You must prepare yourself. No please select any item as agreed.”  Jade picks out the ring and a strange thing happens.The ring pulsates warmly in his hand as an unusual symbiotic bond forms with it.

 Jade Steel then continues to his show. It’s packed with people dressed as Aliens for a video cast and song calledParty People” The show begins and the band performs. 

As the show nears the end many people are drawn to the ring which glows green upon Jade’s hand.