Upon the shoulders of Erkle the High Ouid sits a catlike creature, an extra eye looks out from within his tale. 

His name is Rezzin. Once a Tweaker from the dark side of Rizza. Rezzin now is a slave. No more than a pet to Erkle the high Ouid. 

The Tweakers feed off of a dark blue crystal from deep inside the caverns of Rizza. They are addicted to the blue crystals. It give them unlimited energy and they work tirelessly to power the cities above for they’re “Lord Tweaker” and Erkle, who holds the All powerful Rondo.

 Rezzin now Erkle’s slave and pet is no longer addicted to the blue crystals. His fur coat has softened and turned white, although he still craves the blue crystals he has been weaned from they’re powerful addiction. Compared to his Tweaker brothers, Rezzin has become soft and weak. 

Perhaps this is a good time to explain the Red Planet Rizza. There are 3 colonies. Tetra, Hydra and Chlora. Within and underneath hydra are the Tweakers. They are responsible for powering the planet from underground, addicted and always hungry.

Like a bundle of negative energy mixed with hair and teeth, they labor under their Lord Tweaker’s watchful eye. 

The planet also is inhabited by “The Tokens,” another alien race pink and bulbous in appearance and who’s only interest is to rule. In other words. They too want,

 “The Rondo.”